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 Bringer of Love

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PostSubject: Bringer of Love    Wed Apr 22, 2015 1:43 pm

A small inn that is ran by a very odd man. It isn't exactly a normal place. Only people who are trying to find love can stumble upon this place. When they do stumble upon such a place it can at some points be dangerous. The man that runs the inn isn't exactly friendly. He will only help those that are truly looking. He can find their soul mates for a price. He himself has no one. Finding someone for other people isn't something he always enjoys doing. He's not exactly known for love himself. Another boy helps him out. The two keep busy, but neither have found love. So take some time and wander down the path to find your soul mate but beware what the man asks for isn't always money... Also be warned... If you have come for him or his assistant he has rules. They have rules and they aren't easy to attract.
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Bringer of Love
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